Spring Turkey – Opening Day 2014

Opening day of Turkey season for the big boys proved to be an awesome day..Allways a blast with these characters. ..Turkey its what’s for dinner. .

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Spring Turkey

Spring Turkey Season is here!!!  The Youth get to enjoy the first week and it is so nice to see kids out in the environment – no iPad, no phones, no videos… just mother nature and wildlife.  Quality time spent in the outdoors with family is invaluable and often short lived as our kids grow up incredibly fast.  We are so very thankful to be a part of it all.  An enormous CONGRATULATIONS to our Abbie!!  Weeks of target practice and mounting excitement all paid off.  No blind or cover…. she has never sat this still in all her 6 years.  Dad was shaking like a leaf with excitement and Abigail simply whispered “I got this”… 11 1/2 inch beard, 1 1/4 inch spurs, 20.3 lbs; one shot… a trophy for anyone and extraordinarily special for our young lady… Nice work kiddo 🙂

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End of another season…

Well after two years Martin Mcnally returns back down east to hunt with us… He picked up right were he left off scoring first thing this morning with a great strutter..What a great hunt.  This one was going to be ten yards from us when he got the smack down.  What a great season.  Always sad to see turkey season go away.  It’s what spring is all about..We ended on a high note for sure.  We are happy to say we had a one hundred percent success rate for all of our hunters this year.. This is Martin closing out our year.. LETS GO FISHING! !!

Last Week of the season….

Last week of turkey season starts tomorrow. .What a great season we have had..I lost my phone with pictures from week before last but will have them emailed to me from my guys to update..Had two days of doubles last week and had one killed all the other days except Saturday. The same for the week before..Thats world class strutter hunting any where you go..Thanks guys..


Pretty work guys!  A huge Congratulations on your first bird Jim!!!  It was a pleasure to meet you and hope to see you again soon 🙂 Kelly… always a blast!!! Thank you so much!!!

Another one down

Nice job John!!  Congratulations on another great bird!!

Turkey Time!!

Now we KNOW it’s spring!!!  The wonderful weather that our area is famous for is finally here, our true Carolina blue skies are an every day norm… and the turkeys are strutting and dancing and putting on their show!  This year we have several days of special youth spring turkey hunts then the open season starts on Saturday.  The turkeys are out in strong numbers and we are looking forward to ringing in spring time with all our hunters!!  We were fortunate enough to crank up this year’s youth season with our dear friend Daniel… a fantastic young man and always a joy to spend time with…. not to mention a great marksman!  UNBELIEVABLE GOBBLER!!!  Congratulations!!!!

Spring Turkey comes to a close…

What an amazing season!!  We can’t thank our guys enough for all the fun and fantastic hunts this spring!!  What a great way to spend this time of the year… time in the woods and time with good friends – it really doesn’t get any better… Thank you so much to everyone!!  I have some pictures but not all… please send any additional pics my way and I’ll get ’em posted!!




Double Gobblers!

Nice job guys!!!!  A fantastic hunt to polish off an awesome time with these guys… Kelly and David – Thank you so much!!  Two nice birds taken on this beautiful morning… hard to beat days like this!!


2 more weeks…

This spring season is going way too fast… just 2 more weeks left!  After years of leaving his gun in the truck and working so hard to call gobblers in for everyone else… the boss decided to take one for himself this season.  A 500 pound black bear completely sabotaged the first hunt of the morning… chasing off the birds as they were headed straight to the call (That’s the second hunt his spring to be foiled by a bear!)…. Karl wasn’t taking any chances with the next opportunity 🙂