Changing Gears once again :)

It’s that time of year again when we go through withdrawals and tell everyone “Goodbye” for now at the close of another duck season… Our season starts Mid-September and by the end of January it takes a little getting use to when the early mornings, non-stop scouting and phone calls, and continuous prep for the next day’s hunts/departures/arrivals comes to an abrupt end.  We can never say “Thank you” enough to everyone… especially during a tough season like this year!  We were due for a crazy warm winter and we sure got it!  Nothing can stop the fun though and when you have a group of guys (and girls!) like we have – it is always a blast!!  We are so thankful for everyone and for the opportunity to spend time with such incredible friends.  We are already looking forward to next year… Spring Turkey is next then it’s time to fish!!  Thanks again everyone 🙂

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The word of the day is DUCKS!!  Things have been busy busy the last 2 months… never-ending prep work and upkeep to get ready for the big season bearing down on us Saturday (it’s almost here!), the short season (a HUGE thank you to our early crowd… always a blast!), and trips out to the central flyway.  One of the highlights of our year is to start the season by heading out west to see lots of great old friends and make fantastic new ones… A part of the country where the scenery is breath taking, the duck activity unbelievable, and the people incredible.  A piece of true America…Faith, Family, and Community are forefront and the friends are priceless.  We are always so thankful to get back there and spend some time.   And now back to business….We’re geared up and ready to get to it this season!  The weather is ducky and the birds are flying… can’t wait to see everyone!

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NC State Duck Calling Championship

Down in New Bern today judging the NC State duck calling contest..Set up a booth as well and sold a few calls and booked some early season duck hunts..The picture with the three guys are myself Steve Earley and Mike Evans.We are all from the same hometown and combined have 9 state championships between us!!Pretty awesome for some Redneck boys from nowhere!Congrats to mike for taking top honors this year in state and second place Pamlico regional.North Eastern NC boys representing..




End of another season…

Well after two years Martin Mcnally returns back down east to hunt with us… He picked up right were he left off scoring first thing this morning with a great strutter..What a great hunt.  This one was going to be ten yards from us when he got the smack down.  What a great season.  Always sad to see turkey season go away.  It’s what spring is all about..We ended on a high note for sure.  We are happy to say we had a one hundred percent success rate for all of our hunters this year.. This is Martin closing out our year.. LETS GO FISHING! !!

New England Turkey

Pretty work on this fantastic 21 pound New England bird!! Awesome job Murph!!!!! Thank you so much… we miss ya 🙂

Last Week of the season….

Last week of turkey season starts tomorrow. .What a great season we have had..I lost my phone with pictures from week before last but will have them emailed to me from my guys to update..Had two days of doubles last week and had one killed all the other days except Saturday. The same for the week before..Thats world class strutter hunting any where you go..Thanks guys..


Pretty work guys!  A huge Congratulations on your first bird Jim!!!  It was a pleasure to meet you and hope to see you again soon 🙂 Kelly… always a blast!!! Thank you so much!!!

Another one down

Nice job John!!  Congratulations on another great bird!!

Horndog gets one!

Congratulations Jim!!!!  Finally!!!!!! Nice work and awesome hunt!!!!!

Turkey season continues!

Pretty work Gordon!!!!!  A great (and fast!) hunt this morning for a nice bird…. always a fantastic time when you come see us!!! Thank you so much!