September 13 Full Day Offshore

THIS is what fall fishing is all about!!  We were fortunate enough to have a wonderful long time friend on board today with his family and man did they pick a great day to go!! FANTASTIC weather… AWESOME fishing… UNBEATABLE company… Paul – We can’t thank you enough for your all your support… Rudy, Fred, Shawn, Brad, and Dan… so nice to meet you all!!  The beer was flowing and the fish were biting… What more could you ask for?!  The BLACKFIN hit first thing and kept everybody reeling to get these feisty guys to the boat… close to a dozen of the smaller fish went back in to grow another season but not without giving the boys a sporty fight first!  The largest went straight into the box..  And then the DOLPHIN!!! Fantastic class of bailers and hoisters with several gaffers thrown in the mix… don’t forget the two token albacore, the sharks, and the sailfish jumping around… Thank you guys for an incredible day!  Have a blast at the wedding and we hope to see you all again soon 🙂