Late Summer Fishing!

What an amazing last few weeks!!  Tons of fun with awesome groups!!  Congrats to BB on his 44th species caught to date… Yay Sailfish!!! (technically 3 sailfish! Way to go kiddo!!!!).  Our Alice Kelly Girls… Our Atlanta + home crowd… our Martinsville Fam… our crew from Suffolk… J Mont in the house… And everyone else!!!  Thank you so much everybody – you rock!!!  Dolphin, Tuna, Wahoo, OMG the Sails Wohoo!!!!  And a huge shout out and thank you to our PCBT crew – What a fantastic week full of ups and downs and all the thrills a tournament brings!!!  You are awesome!!  We are rolling through these last weeks of fishing then on to the birds!!  Give us a call if you want to get out there before we change gears… Let’s go Fishing!!!

The Billfish have arrived!

The last 10 days have been wide open with the Tournament (What an awesome good time!!!! A HUGE thank you to our team – Glenn, Wes, Davis – you guys are fantastic and so much fun – way to go!!!) and our charters – great weather and great fishing!!  A special congratulations to Connor on his first Sailfish (Go kiddo!!) and of course no pictures – but awesome work to Joe for the 6 1/2 hour fight with the Blue Marlin of a lifetime – estimates are over 800 pounds – she ate a 60 pound yellowfin tuna like it was a grape and pulled the boys almost 13 miles east before she decided she was done with us and snapped the line!! What an experience and wow what a tale!!  Needless to say – The billfish are here – Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sails oh my!  We have openings but they are filling up… give us a call if you want to get out there before these amazing creatures move on for the winter!  Our nearshore trips are happening as well – Spanish and bluefish and tons of bottom fish – lots of fun and yummy too!  Let’s go fishing!!

Tournament Time!!

It’s that time of year!!  The tournaments are in full swing and this week is the biggie at Pirates’ Cove… Good luck to all our Lady Anglers fishing the Alice Kelly Memorial Tournament today (Sunday… Go Fistful Girls!!) and another Good Luck to everyone in the Billfish Tournament!! (Go Team Fistful!!)  The marina will be a flurry of activity all week – fishing starts on Tuesday and will continue through Friday.  This is a PUBLIC EVENT and EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Come down to the docks and see the boats… join in the fun and get lost in all the energy that fishing creates!  Tournament info and the schedule of events can be found at… swing by and see us in slip 29!

Moving on into August!

One of the really cool things about moving into later summer fishing is the huge variety of fish and the constant change from day to day… you never know what you are going to catch!  We have had some phenomenal action and we can’t say enough about our groups – once again… YOU make our jobs so fun!!  Great folks and good times is what it is all about – thank you so much everybody!  Dawn – the pictures are great! (Thank you!!)   Big Jack – We can’t thank you enough for everything you do for us 🙂  We have some spots still available for the next week… let’s go fishing!!


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July 9 Buffett

Really cool variety on our half day today..King Mackerel, Mahi, and a Cobia to boot.Pulled off a couple others and had an encounter with a sailfish..Pretty neat catching these fish within sight of land.Great time guys I had a blast…


Hatteras Update

The Fistful headed to Hatteras Village chasing the fish!!  We have been fortunate to enjoy some fantastic fishing with great groups!  Dolphin fishing has been off the hook with the bonus of an “almost” grand slam – caught 1 white, jumped off a sail, and had a blue one in the spread on the way south last week!  The Cobia fishing has been hopping as well with plenty of mackerel and bluefish to play with while looking for the big fish.  Our internet access is sketchy at best down there so here’s a quick picture update from some of the last week’s trips…  🙂  Thanks everybody!!!


Time to fish!

Sunset over pirates cove marina… Weather is shaping up with reports of fish on the beach… summer is on the horizon…

FullDay Aug 5

Sailfish and Dolphin were on tap for today… an awesome day with Hunter and the crew… Thank you guys so much!!! 

June 20 Fullday

What a great day we had.Quenton my homeboy from gates county was on the boat today.Quenton always seems to getem when he comes with us..Thank you for all the support..We ended up with a great catch of gaffers baffers and bailers along with a 40 lb wahoo and our first billfish of the year.A cool surprise a HATCHET marlin which is easly mistaken for a white marlin..Glad for the beatiful weather and great fishing in our range..




Back to the Cove

Back in the water and ready for the season! Shiny and even a fresh coat of bottom paint 🙂


This year we have added a new trip to the repertoire – a “Deep Water Bottom Fishing/Trolling Trip“.  This Extended Full Day trip is designed to allow for the time and fuel required to venture a bit further from the beach than we are able to do during the conventional NearShore trips.  This will provide for the opportunity to specifically target different species such as dolphin (mahi mahi) and bottom dwellers.  It is not a classic deep water gulfstream trip – more of an “in-between” and provides the experience of fishing for a wider selection of species in a budget-minded package… We will have the “Trips and Rates” page updated shortly to provide more information… Let’s go fishing!