Week long update :)

I apologize for the delay in reports… crazy busy this time of year plus the camera is currently MIA – needless to say I unfortunately do not have any NEARSHORE pictures to put up at this time 🙁  To update everyone:  the SPANISH MACKERAL bite has been incredible this week in addition to plenty of BLUEFISH providing tons of action and loads of fun!!  We have come across several COBIA as well on the nearshore trips – many making back to the dock and one heart-breaker that broke the line after an hour long fight… estimates on weight for the escapee have ranged from 80 to 100 lbs… bummer for the boys 🙁    The FULL DAY DEEP DROP/TROLLING trips have been awesome for DOLPHIN (The back up camera made it on this trip so I can post some evidence!)… several COBIA have been running with the dolphin schools and at times caught at the same time!!  Great weather and fantastic fishing have been the theme this week!!!  Trips are booking fast right now so please let us know if you have dates you want us to save… we have had several spots get booked out from under some of our groups lately that waited until the last minute – we hate to not get the chance to take everybody that wants to go!!