Winter Catch Up!

We have had one of the busiest and most fun winters!  Exhausting but crazy rewarding, super fun, non-stop and never a dull moment 🙂  A huge thank you to all our hunters… you guys are family to us and we cannot tell you enough how much we appreciate and love you!! We miss everyone already 🙁  We kicked off the season out west and then got down to business back home with waterfowl, upland game hunts, winter boat maintenance and continuing construction on the new lodge (completely restored 1850 farmhouse…almost 3 years of work and finally getting to the end!).  Our lodge is scheduled to be up and running for turkey season and we are really excited to stop building and start enjoying it!  Upland Game Preserve Season continues until the end of March and we have had a blast starting up this new adventure!  We had a soft opening last season and with private hunts this year we are well on our way – we still have some availability this year of anyone is interested in getting some shooting in before it’s back to the water… Fishing will start rolling next month with inland Rockfish and we start chasing Turkeys in April… then… COBIA season!!  We are starting to fill days in May and June for the Fistful so please give us a call if you have days you want to save… it won’t be long before the winter is gone and sunny warm fishing days return!! Give us a shout!!


June Fishing!

As we roll into mid June the fishing continues to be fantastic!  A mixed bag of trips and fish this past week – from Half Day Nearshore to Full Day Offshore… and everything in between.  Dolphin… Tuna… Mackerel… Blues… Tons of fun with awesome people!! Thanks everybody!!  The last 2 weeks of June are filling fast… give us a shout if you want to go!!


Moving on into August!

One of the really cool things about moving into later summer fishing is the huge variety of fish and the constant change from day to day… you never know what you are going to catch!  We have had some phenomenal action and we can’t say enough about our groups – once again… YOU make our jobs so fun!!  Great folks and good times is what it is all about – thank you so much everybody!  Dawn – the pictures are great! (Thank you!!)   Big Jack – We can’t thank you enough for everything you do for us 🙂  We have some spots still available for the next week… let’s go fishing!!


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Happy 4th!

Unbelievable that it is already July!  A great time to stop and remember what a privilege it is to live in a free country and appreciate all the sacrifices that so many have made and continue to make in order to make what we do possible.  The summer is in full swing and the fishing continues to be awesome – fantastic variety!  Our weather was a little sporty for a couple of days but that didn’t slow anything down – dolphin, jacks, mackerel , blues, triggers, cobia, a barracuda, a sail, and more… Thank you so much to all our groups – you make our days!

** Just a quick scheduling note – we have been filling up quickly…please call or email as soon as you can to save a day if you are interested in getting out there – thank you! **

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Tons of Fish and tons of fun!

As we roll through June our fishing here on the Outer Banks continues to be super hot and crazy fun!  Mackeral, Blues, Amberjack, Cobia, Dolphin, Sharks, Triggers, and more!!… we are so thankful for great fish and even better folks!!  Thank you so much to everyone!!

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Awesome fishing continues

The fishing continues to be amazing!  Multiple species and fantastic groups… always a ton of fun – thank you so much to everyone!!  ** One quick scheduling update – JUNE 15th and 17th just came available this week coming up – if you are interested please let us know asap! (Karl 252-395-1907 or Kathy 252-455-1595) **  Thanks again to all our groups and we are looking forward to seeing you again soon.

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Mackerels, Blues, and Rays :)

Fishing slowed the last couple of days we still had catches of mackerels and blues..There’s been reports of a few kings around as well…When things get slow we catch anything..Here is a fat ray from to look at and tons of fun to catch


Hatteras Dolphin

A huge Thank You to Mike and the crew…. what a fantastic group!!! You guys are a blast! We thoroughly enjoyed having you all on the boat and hope to see you again soon…. let us know how that “mahi special” turns out!!! 🙂

Hatteras Update

The Fistful headed to Hatteras Village chasing the fish!!  We have been fortunate to enjoy some fantastic fishing with great groups!  Dolphin fishing has been off the hook with the bonus of an “almost” grand slam – caught 1 white, jumped off a sail, and had a blue one in the spread on the way south last week!  The Cobia fishing has been hopping as well with plenty of mackerel and bluefish to play with while looking for the big fish.  Our internet access is sketchy at best down there so here’s a quick picture update from some of the last week’s trips…  🙂  Thanks everybody!!!


Time to fish!

Sunset over pirates cove marina… Weather is shaping up with reports of fish on the beach… summer is on the horizon…