June summary – amazing fishing!

We are rolling into July with unbelievable weather and equally fantastic fishing!!  The past week has been full of dolphin and tuna plus tiles and more on our Fullday Offshore trips and Spanish and Blues with a few Cobia still mixed in for our 4 and 6 hour trips… and as always –  incredible groups to spend the day with!!  Our 2 big fish of the week were a 124 pound Yellowfin Tuna and a 195 pound Bigeye Tuna plus the first Wahoo of the season –  Pretty work everybody!  Slick calm conditions and crazy active marine life makes you catch your breath and say thank you… every day.  Congratulations and thank you to all our anglers – you make what we do so special!



I am not sure where to start… the last half of July has provided an amazing variety of crazy fun fishing with so many great groups!!  We appreciate everyone so much and also appreciate the fantastic fishing that our area has to offer during these summer months… we are so thankful to be able to call the Outer Banks home.  Our trips have predominately been Nearshore the last few weeks and the species all across the board – Kingfish, Triggers, Tiles, Spanish mackerel (we had 2 6 pound plus citation Spanish in 1 week!! check out the pic below…), Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), Albecore, Amberjack, Cobia, Red Drum, and more.  This time of year you never know what you will see out there and everyday can be different – so much fun!!  August is booking up quickly so please give us a call if you want to go… Time to go fishing!!!


July Fishing!

The last week has been full with half and 3/4 day trips – So much fun for everybody!!  The Red Drum have shown up to provide tons of Catch and Release action, the Spanish and King Mackerel fishing has been awesome, the Amberjacks gave one of our regular crews a great workout (no more gym before fishing next time Keith!!) and we’ve even seen a few dolphin on the short trips!  We got to take several fantastic youth anglers and had a blast with all our groups – thank you so much!!  One quick peek at some green and yellow starting to come together for fall… the next season will be here before we know it but until then it’s time to get on the water and catch em up!  Thanks again everybody!!



June Fishing!

As we roll into mid June the fishing continues to be fantastic!  A mixed bag of trips and fish this past week – from Half Day Nearshore to Full Day Offshore… and everything in between.  Dolphin… Tuna… Mackerel… Blues… Tons of fun with awesome people!! Thanks everybody!!  The last 2 weeks of June are filling fast… give us a shout if you want to go!!


Beautiful Weather and Beautiful Fishing!

From Cobia to Dolphin to Spanish Mackerel to Tilefish and more…. this week’s theme has been variety!!  Our Cobia are the main target this time of year but who can resist chasing the rest?!?!  🙂  We have already had tons of great trips with awesome anglers – thank you so much to all our seasoned salts and to our new group too (Go Duke!)  Great job everybody!  Let’s go fishing!


Late Summer Great Fishing!

The last 2 weeks have been full of great fishing and amazing charters!  We have had a number of young anglers lately and what an impressive display of ability and enthusiasm from all of them – Every one of our kids jumped right into the fray and man… you can’t slow them down.  Some are new to the game and some are already well on their way to becoming pros (B. Boys – you know who you are!!) – Awesome job everybody!! One of our goals is to create an experience for them (and their adults) that will turn into a life-long passion… it really gets your heart fired up to see that spark.  Thank you so much to all our groups – Grown-Ups and Youngsters!  *** A huge Thank You goes out to Capt. Jim on the HogWild and Capt. Troy on the Fowl Hooked for helping us juggle some of our groups during our unexpected quickie haul out and to all the gang down at Bluewater for pulling together and getting us up and running again – JP – we owe you… as usual!! Thank you so much…. I wish I could have seen you on that lift!! ***


Last but not least – we do have some days open for the next few weeks – the Fistful gets a break starting September 17th this year so let us know if you want to get out there before we turn to the ducks!  The Billfish are starting to show… the dolphin are here on the Full Day trips… the Big Drum are hanging around… the Mackerel are snappin… the blues are snappin…the Jacks are snappin… the weather is beautiful… Let’s go Fishing!!


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Summertime Rolls On!

Fishing continues to be awesome!!  Variety is still the theme song for this week… Dolphin, Moons, Triggers, Albecore, Tiles, Mackerels, Blues, Jacks, and one of our all time favs…. it’s it’s it’s the Drum!!  Every trip is different and we are so thankful for the wonderful weather and fantastic groups!  Some of our fine young anglers were able to get into the big Red Drum for some catch and release action and we hope their experience was one to keep them addicted for life!  We stumbled across a few lost Mahi that wondered in close to beach and were able to land them on a short trip – it doesn’t happen often at all but super cool when it does.  Tons of nearshore action continues with the Spanish, Blues, and Moons… smaller fish that are so much fun!  A huge thank you to Corey of the Corey Schaible Gallery for diving in and snapping an amazing pic of the Fistful on a full day trip… fitting to have the Amberjack on the way up in the shot!  Thank you so much.  And a major shout out to all the gang at the PC Fish Cleaning House – you do an amazing job and everybody remember – DFTTYFC!! 🙂  Lastly – this coming week is the 33rd annual Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournament – a huge amount of activity will be happening all week up and down the docks – come see the boats and the fish and join in the fun!  Let’s go fishing!!


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Moving on into August!

One of the really cool things about moving into later summer fishing is the huge variety of fish and the constant change from day to day… you never know what you are going to catch!  We have had some phenomenal action and we can’t say enough about our groups – once again… YOU make our jobs so fun!!  Great folks and good times is what it is all about – thank you so much everybody!  Dawn – the pictures are great! (Thank you!!)   Big Jack – We can’t thank you enough for everything you do for us 🙂  We have some spots still available for the next week… let’s go fishing!!


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June 16 Spanish Bite

Nice class of Spanish on our half day this morning. .we have a couple of spots open next week. .give us a call.


Cobia for the 4th!

They showed there ugly heads again this afternoon.we had some hard luck pulling off four fish to start the afternoon but we came back strong catching five ,three of which were citations weighing in at 80 , 61 , and 42..What a great way to end the day.A nice catch of Spanish to go with them..Thanks everybody see you next year..