Summertime Rolls On!

Fishing continues to be awesome!!  Variety is still the theme song for this week… Dolphin, Moons, Triggers, Albecore, Tiles, Mackerels, Blues, Jacks, and one of our all time favs…. it’s it’s it’s the Drum!!  Every trip is different and we are so thankful for the wonderful weather and fantastic groups!  Some of our fine young anglers were able to get into the big Red Drum for some catch and release action and we hope their experience was one to keep them addicted for life!  We stumbled across a few lost Mahi that wondered in close to beach and were able to land them on a short trip – it doesn’t happen often at all but super cool when it does.  Tons of nearshore action continues with the Spanish, Blues, and Moons… smaller fish that are so much fun!  A huge thank you to Corey of the Corey Schaible Gallery for diving in and snapping an amazing pic of the Fistful on a full day trip… fitting to have the Amberjack on the way up in the shot!  Thank you so much.  And a major shout out to all the gang at the PC Fish Cleaning House – you do an amazing job and everybody remember – DFTTYFC!! 🙂  Lastly – this coming week is the 33rd annual Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournament – a huge amount of activity will be happening all week up and down the docks – come see the boats and the fish and join in the fun!  Let’s go fishing!!


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