June 20 Fullday

What a great day we had.Quenton my homeboy from gates county was on the boat today.Quenton always seems to getem when he comes with us..Thank you for all the support..We ended up with a great catch of gaffers baffers and bailers along with a 40 lb wahoo and our first billfish of the year.A cool surprise a HATCHET marlin which is easly mistaken for a white marlin..Glad for the beatiful weather and great fishing in our range..




Back to the Cove

Back in the water and ready for the season! Shiny and even a fresh coat of bottom paint 🙂


This year we have added a new trip to the repertoire – a “Deep Water Bottom Fishing/Trolling Trip“.  This Extended Full Day trip is designed to allow for the time and fuel required to venture a bit further from the beach than we are able to do during the conventional NearShore trips.  This will provide for the opportunity to specifically target different species such as dolphin (mahi mahi) and bottom dwellers.  It is not a classic deep water gulfstream trip – more of an “in-between” and provides the experience of fishing for a wider selection of species in a budget-minded package… We will have the “Trips and Rates” page updated shortly to provide more information… Let’s go fishing!

Spring Haul Out

The Fistful is up for a quick spring haul out… getting ready for this year’s season!!  New zincs, some clean up, and a little wax and she’ll be back in the water ready to go 🙂  The days are getting longer and the warm summer fishing season is fast approaching… We are saving days already – give us a shout if you know your desired dates and we’ll get you on the book!  Thanks to everyone for all the support!!  We are looking forward to another awesome season with everybody!!


October White Marlin

Thanks for the pictures and thanks again for fishing with us!!  You guys are awesome…Hope to see you all again soon!!


SEPTEMBER 15TH full day nearshore

We had Kevin , Kim , Greg , Michael , Travis , and Charlie on the boat with us today.We set out just outside the 20 mile mark and worked down a sulfur line with some pretty places of grass in it..Never found a load of dolphins to bail but did have constant trolling bites all day.Several nice gaffers , baffers , and bailers made up our dolphin catch.We were struck by the albacores several times as well and they are a great fight on small 20 lb class outfits..Beautiful weather and great people allways make for an increadable day..Thank you guys so much for the day of fishing.

September 6 Full Day

What an awesome day!!!  The ocean was beautiful once you crossed the bar and the Fistful was able to venture out on a full day trip in search of a little meat… To have such a great group of guys on the boat when we can get into the fish like this is nothing short of a fantastic “make you feel good” day!  Limit of dolphin plus a White Marlin – WAY TO GO FELLAS!!  We can’t wait til Rock Season… looking forward to seeing you again!!!  Nathan, Justin, Chris, and David – Thank you so much for fishing with us!!!


August 9

Full day trip today with a great crowd! A handful of dolphin, a white one briefly in the spread, a blue one that hit a TLD 20 flatline bite – streaming line to end in a tail wrap and gone, and one nice barracuda… you guys are awesome!  Thank you so much Joe and crew!!

July 19 Full Day

The Fistful ventured offshore today! Tuna, Dolphin, and 2 Sailfish bites… Pretty work fellas!! Always a blast Q!

Purinai and company

We set out directly on the fish this day in 15 fathoms..The sea conditions were not perfect and we found ourselves back at the dock this day by 11 am..Three of the four guys were under the weather.We did have a good catch in just about an hour of fishing with a dozen dolphin and a couple of albacores and a blackfin…Dinkys is good for that…Thank you guys and look forward to seeing you soon.

May 22nd Hatteras

Today we took a family trip offshore in hopes of having a good catch to sale as well as taking Abigail on her first real offshore adventure..She did great and the weather could not have been any better..Flat calm and blue skies all day…As well as great fishing…We were fortunate enough to find some bigger patches of grass way out in the deep in 110 fathoms that were holding some good charges of gaffer golphin..We not only had a great family day but were able to make th most out of our efforts… I left my camera behind on the boat and will update all the catches and charters when I return.These are all pictures Kathy had on her camera..