June 29th report

Man we have been on a roll lately fishing everyday.. Thank you to everybody for fishing with us..If we did not get your picture up and you want to see it on the site please send me an email…Bottom line fishing was great today..We had two half days and with the fish being a little south of the half day range as they where today we are able to offer 1 to 2 extra hours for $100 per hour to make the fuel and time work out and PUT YOU IN THE MEAT…Everybody on both trips made the right call and off we went..Multiple bendos over and over in the morning when we arrived and we fished for just two hours before acheiving a limt.What great fishing..We arrived back on seen in the afternoon to find our fish were not there.After searching for an hour we ran into them and worped it in them until my boys down below said they had enough.A limit of adult beverages also met there match..Thanks again to everyone for everything..Open dates next ten days July 1st, 2nd , 3rd pm, 4 pm , 5 pm , 9 , 10