Turkey season starts April 14th

We have a handful of days left for the spring turkey season 2012..Just wanted to post a few pictures from last year..Also the sound striped bass fishing is great right now and we have time available during the weekdays.

Swan Hunting

Its no secret that NC has the best swan hunting wintering grounds in the lower 48..Five thousand permits per year are issued.It is quite beautiful to watch these graceful flyers decoy..We are even lucky enough to kill a few snow geese while we hunt them some days..Albemarle Outfitters still has 100% success on swan hunts every year and we still offer no kill no pay hunts for swan..Here are some pics from this years swan hunts.Notice the one picture with the swan flying in the background..

Duck season comes to a close…

Well… another season has come and gone… what a crazy time of the year but we sure hate to see it go!!  This season proved to be a challenging one due to Mother Nature – 70 degree days, crazy southern winds… you just never know!  Karl worked triple overtime to make sure the best opportunities were presented and it payed off… we had a fantastic season with simply incredible guys.. a huge thank you to everyone this year… you are what makes this profession so special!  We are fortunate to have all of you 🙂 

Quick Update…

Despite the warm weather the hunting has been good!! It requires alot more homework, scouting, very little sleep, and careful reading of the ducks’ “plan” but all the hard work pays off… and the cold weather is coming!! We have been so fortunate to have several fantastic groups with us as usual… we appreciate all the support and always have a ball with all you guys!  Thank you so much everybody 🙂  We are looking forward to continuing another great season and we’ll get more pictures posted when the season is over!  (Not to switch gears yet but… we’re also keeping an eye on the Rockfish situation – looks like they have arrived at Rudee Inlet and are moving this way… gettin close to that time of the year when we get back on the water!)

First main season closes… getting ready for the next go!

Thank you so much to everyone for an awesome start to this year’s season!! We appreciate you all so much and are eagerly awaiting the next opening day… It’s almost here!!


Deer and Duck

This week has been busy in the woods and on the water… the rut has been in for a bit and the ducks are starting to show!!  We were fortunate to have a long time friend with us this week… Thank you so much Dan!  Once again you’ll be the favorite neighbor back home at cookout time!!  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family… you have all been through so much – we are so thankful to know Jake is on the road to recovery!  See you soon 🙂









This one’s for Sims….

It’s always so much fun to see people you truely enjoy being around… Gordon – thank you so much!!  (I’ll make sure the green bean cassarole gets on the menu again for next time!!)  I couldn’t resist posting this picture…that was just too funny!  Sorry Sims 🙂 


In the timber…

Sorry about the report delay… This time of the year we spend alot of time running around between the beach, the woods, swamp, timber, open water locations… and the list goes on!!   Jimmy… congratulations on a fine hunt!! Crazy action in the timber requires great shooting – fantastic job!!  Jim and Jamie… always a blast!! (I can’t believe I missed the steak dinner… again!!)  Thank you so much..See you guys soon!! 

Continued Prep…

As Duck Season draws closer… the repair work from Irene is finally winding down… Trees to clear out of the swamps and blinds to be rebuilt – all in a day’s work!  Saturday is the big day and we are all looking forward to a great season!  Tons of ducks around already and the winds are turning out of the North… a true sign of things to come!









Changing gears…

Fishing reports are usually a little slim from the Fistful boat this time of year as we switch gears for the upcoming Duck Season (opens November 12!!).  We are still running trips both nearshore and offshore as we prepare for the Ducks… Fall is an awesome time to go!!  As for the waterfowl… we are watching the migration and there are great reports from up north pertaining to this year’s hatch… the ducks are on the move!!  We have a some scattered openings left with Karl plus several days available to put you with partnering guides… flooded timber, marsh, open water, you name it – it’s a blast!!