Ducking :)

Quick pic to update everyone… “like we always do about this time!” 🙂  Thank you guys so much… we always have a blast when you are here!!! (We’ll get the majority of this season’s pictures posted at the end of the month…)  

Duck Season 2012-2013

It’s almost here!  The season finally opens Saturday with much anticipation for great hunts and awesome time with all our hunters!  The ducks are here despite the unseasonable warm weather and we are thankful to be ringing in another season with the addition of some fantastic locations and lots of excitment.  A quick pre-season trip to the central flyway wrapped up just in time to finish prepping and get ready for 6 weeks of hard work and tons of fun 🙂



The ducks are here :)

The November season is in full swing!!  A huge thank you to Jim and Jimmy… always a blast to have you guys!!! We’ll post the majority of the pictures at the end of the season 🙂

First Deer for Blain :)

With duck season rapidly approaching, Karl took a breather from preparations and spent a little time in the woods with 3 fine young men.  Congratulations to Blain for getting this beautiful buck as his first deer!!!  What a fantastic shot!  We have high hopes that this initial outing will set the stage for many more to come for him.  Cannon and Jarrod… you guys are next!




Bye Bye Sandy

Sandy has thankfully gone away… we are tremendously appreciative for the little damage she left in her wake for us and are keeping those who fared much worse in our thoughts.  The storm has stirred up the waterfowl and we are seeing species around that typically don’t show themselves this early!   We can’t wait to see what this season holds!!!  Days are filling rapidly… please give us a call if there is any interest in the 2012-2013 season!!  Karl: 252 – 395 – 1907 or

The ducks are on the move!!

It’s that time!!! The ducks are on the move and we are once again eagerly awaiting opening day! 🙂  We were fortunate enough to get up north again this year and share the beginning of this season’s migration with some AWESOME friends… Thank you so much to everybody!! What a blast!!!!! We can’t wait to see everyone soon 🙂


Here we go.. This year prices will be the same as last years. (** Please call for current rates… (Original post is from September 2012) Thank you!! **)  per person per day includes lodging and meals..Lodging will be in pirates cove again this year..We think everyone really enjoyed staying there ..If you have a request for dinner please let us know ahead of time and we will do our best to have what you would like.We have very limited dates available for the month of Jan and Dec so if you have not allready booked your days please call and reserve some time with us.If you are new to our service please give me a call for more details..We are looking forward to a great season.. 252-395-1907 Karl Helmkamp


This day my good friend Paul Boyce and my dad joyned me for an early season teal hunt..There had been some birds around but we werent quite sure how it would go…We ended up with a great hunt and a great way to start the 2012-2013 waterfowl season…We are booking duck hunts now so please give us a call…  252-395-1907

Continued prep…

Although the fishing remains awesome… another season is fast approaching!  Plenty of work to keep up with after the boat hits the dock in the afternoons… it’s that time of year to be thinking about this winter’s schedule and getting dates firmed up for the ducks 🙂

Way to go Murph!

Congratulations to a great friend on his turkey quest in New Hampshire!!  Mother nature sometimes doesn’t cooperate but a driving rain didn’t stop the hunt… tough and patient perseverance resulted in the taking of a beautiful 22 pound gobbler with a 9 inch beard and 1 1/8 inch spurs…. Pretty Work Dan!!!