Tuesday March 8th Inshore rockfish

We made a half day out of a blow day for Rich Hahn and his dad from New Jersey..Water conditions were not ideal in the sound today but the fish still gave us the action we were looking for.We managed to catch some nice fish on the cast before swithing over to trolling with the the light tackle..When we would hit them we would bend over three or four rods at the time making for some fast action.We kept a limit of fish for dinner and ended the afternoon with 25 or so fish..Really enjoyed having you guys with us today and thank you for the laughs and business..You can see dad had fun, he even caught one on my little girls pink pole..

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  1. Rich Hahn
    Rich Hahn says:

    Carl: we had a great time fishing with you on Tuesday. Your local knowledge of the waters we fished was indespensible and turned a lousy week for fishing into a success. I felt like you were part of the family when I was out there with my Dad. Good times man! We will fish with you again, hopefully sooner rather than later. P.S. I was laughing my butt off when I read your posting.

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