Fog Fog Fog… (July 10)

We finally had a day off and yes….we went fishing!!  After navigating a major traffic jam this morning due to fog, we headed out and had a fantastic day on the water… The weather cooperated and it was a beautiful day offshore… I have tons of fog pics but not many offshore.. (I’ll try to do better next time)  We did have an up close view of one of the whales… I’m still trying to figure out what species – not one of the normal critters we usually get to see…

Missouri’s Major party june 7th

Wow we had a crazy bunch with us today…You guys are great…The beers, bloody marys, and momosas where flowing when I stopped the boat this morning…Shortly after setting out the third pole the first two where over..It was good action for us..After catching all they wanted of spanish we made our way off the beach in search of a bigger fish..We never found one but did catch a couple of Bonitas..I think everyone will agree a good time was had by all.


We had the one and only S.W EARLY aka SSSSSSSSSSSS on the boat today for some gaffer action..We found a really nice spot of water close to the beach late in the day and wound up with a good catch of mahi between HANDSHAKES…Really good class of fish for the most part being true gaffers..We did have one 30 pounder make a daring escape jumping off the cockpit floor and into the ocean..Robert was not happy…We all had a great day..

John Kraft and company

Thank you guys for spending a reat day on the ocean with us..Fishing was slow at best this day but we caught a handul of nice dolphin a blackfin tuna and pulled off a big wahoo…Also saw a sailfish..Thanks and look forward to next time and more bites..

My main man Mike Cribs

Mike is no slouch when it comes to fishing himself or duck hunting for that matter..Hes been hunting with me for six years now and we have become great friends.Allways good to see you YOU SOLID BLOCK OF ICE you…Slow going for the entire fleet in Hatteras this day with busted conditions and scattered grass..We did manage to scrape out a catch of dolphin and blackfin tunas.

Purinai and company

We set out directly on the fish this day in 15 fathoms..The sea conditions were not perfect and we found ourselves back at the dock this day by 11 am..Three of the four guys were under the weather.We did have a good catch in just about an hour of fishing with a dozen dolphin and a couple of albacores and a blackfin…Dinkys is good for that…Thank you guys and look forward to seeing you soon.

May 22nd Hatteras

Today we took a family trip offshore in hopes of having a good catch to sale as well as taking Abigail on her first real offshore adventure..She did great and the weather could not have been any better..Flat calm and blue skies all day…As well as great fishing…We were fortunate enough to find some bigger patches of grass way out in the deep in 110 fathoms that were holding some good charges of gaffer golphin..We not only had a great family day but were able to make th most out of our efforts… I left my camera behind on the boat and will update all the catches and charters when I return.These are all pictures Kathy had on her camera..

May 20th Hatteras report

We had a good bunch of guys along with us today..The day started on a blue green change running west to east in 20 fathoms..I fished up into a pretty good head sea in the morning away from more than 30 other boats taking the down sea path..Shortly after setting out we got covered up by the gaffer dolphin and it would remain that way all day until the box was full.We ended up with a great cath of bigger gaffers and 2 king mackeral..Glad everyone had a great day and will see you soon..

Gaffer dolphin fishing Hatteras

We have been in Hatteras since the 29th of April..Fishing has been great..Some days the conditions have not been as they would normally be but non the less we have had a great all around spring..We will be in Hatteras until June 3rd..We will then return to Pirates Cove for the summer where we will be nearshore fishing for spanish mackeral , bluefish , triggers , cobes , red drum , and amberjack…Please give us a call anytime to book a trip..If we are not available someone in our charter fleet will be and we will make arrangements.

Hatteras Dolphin

Pretty work guys!  A nice catch of dolphin to top off a beautiful day.  Scott and Chris – so nice to meet you both… Pop John and Dougie – thank you…as always!!  There’s nothing as special as finding the time to spend with family…no matter how far off they may be most of the year.  We need make this a habit – what a great time!