Time to fish!

Sunset over pirates cove marina… Weather is shaping up with reports of fish on the beach… summer is on the horizon…

Alice Kelly :)

We took a break from the near-shore scene and headed offshore with the rest of the fleet and private boats to participate in the Alice Kelly benefit tournament today… always a great time!!  Tons of fun and supporting a great cause all at one go 🙂  Thanks to Tiffany, Holly, and Shanna for joining us to participate in this all women’s tournament!!  We didn’t get into the billfish bite like we were hoping to but in true Fistful style brought in some meat and had a ball!!  The Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournament is going on all week… everyone is always welcome to come down, walk the docks, and be a part of this annual event!!

Spring Haul Out

The Fistful is up for a quick spring haul out… getting ready for this year’s season!!  New zincs, some clean up, and a little wax and she’ll be back in the water ready to go 🙂  The days are getting longer and the warm summer fishing season is fast approaching… We are saving days already – give us a shout if you know your desired dates and we’ll get you on the book!  Thanks to everyone for all the support!!  We are looking forward to another awesome season with everybody!!


Fall Tuna

No hunting in NC on Sunday… so what else should you do but GO FISHING!!  We had a great crowd today… Ron, Donna, and family…. Thank you so much!!  These guys (and gals!) put in a full day’s work to bring home dinner today… the bite was an am event and they did a fantastic job getting these fish to the boat… don’t forget the heart-breakers right at the transom, a couple of heavy bites hit and gone, and two sneaky fast yellowfins that criss-crossed to break the lines!! It was wonderful to meet you all and looking forward to next time!!!  Great job and have a safe trip home! 🙂 (Donna… Let us know how the whales and hot-air balloons go!!! )

Tunas Sep 28

We had a trip booked for today that fell thru at the last minute..With all our gear ready to go and the boat iced up we decided to try and make a days pay out of it regardless.We were rewarded nicely.We set out in them right away and had constant bites all day long.We did have a couple of quads on the yellowfin and lots of doubles.The blackfins bit well for us as well.Its about as good as it gets for tuna fishing as of late.Glad for it and happy everyone is experiencing great action…

SEPTEMBER 15TH full day nearshore

We had Kevin , Kim , Greg , Michael , Travis , and Charlie on the boat with us today.We set out just outside the 20 mile mark and worked down a sulfur line with some pretty places of grass in it..Never found a load of dolphins to bail but did have constant trolling bites all day.Several nice gaffers , baffers , and bailers made up our dolphin catch.We were struck by the albacores several times as well and they are a great fight on small 20 lb class outfits..Beautiful weather and great people allways make for an increadable day..Thank you guys so much for the day of fishing.


Nice work as always!!  I couldn’t remember the date you guys went so I’m a little out of sequence but had to get the picture up!! Thank you so much for your support over the years… it’s always so much fun to have you and everybody you bring on the boat.. always a trip!!


July 29

Pretty work everybody!  The weather cooperated and the Fistful boat was able to head out for an Offshore trip today!  We stay nearshore most days during the summer and it is so nice to be able to get out there for a little change in pace!

July 19 Full Day

The Fistful ventured offshore today! Tuna, Dolphin, and 2 Sailfish bites… Pretty work fellas!! Always a blast Q!

July 16th

The bluefish continue to dominate the nearshore waters surrounding the inlet for our half days..Multiple fish on at the time are common problems and lots of action for all of our anglers..What they lack in size they make up for in  rod bending action which is great for kids of all ages..A half day is about getting out on the water, enjoying the beauty of the ocean and the outer banks..Its not about catching blue marlins , tunas , and mahi.Its about good times with friends and family..Thats what we like to see..