Giant red drum..they are awesome to see for sure..citation sized ones as well…


Red Drum

I didn’t push post evidently but you know how much fun we always have…Fat red drum on spin tackle ..Cant wait to see you guys tomorrow. .Beautiful old fish… Thanks Katie and crew!

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Big Drum Catch and Release!

It was slow going and then we got clobbered by the giant red drum. .The entire school came up chasing everything we had out there.They stayed up long enough for us to hook 4 more on our spinning tackle. .We ended up 6 for 8 for our crowd from Michigan. Citations around. 

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Fall Drum

We gathered up our buddy Mike and slipped down to Oriental, NC to get in on the drum bite with a great friend and fellow charter captain Richard Andrews of Tar-Pam Guide Service… Thanks Dickie!!!!!  What a blast!! Double digit catch and release action with several close to 50 inches!!!  Fall is the time to capitalize on these awesome fish… fantastic fun and wonderful weather always come together this time of year to create an incredible experience… don’t miss out – these fish won’t stick around long!