As the commercial Bluefin season winds down we are gearing up for Spring Turkey and then on to the Summer Fishing Season!!!!  Tons of excitement already this year starting with the close of an awesome waterfowl season (Thanks again to everybody! We miss you all already!!  😥 ), continued work on the farms to get ready for next year, great sound rockfish trips, the quickly approaching spring and all the fun that season brings, and then of course – summertime!  It’ll be here before we know it 🙂  A few pics from yesterday’s outing with Karl, Casey and Russell… pretty work fellas! 

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Catch a gracious plenty of Cobia today..Good fishing and great weather.We will be after them again tomorrow.Have Tuesday a.m available..

Last Day in Hatteras….

Beautiful day on the ocean..nice class of gaffer dolphins and a few boilers.Thanks for the great time guys.Cobia tomorrow if there not all cut n half.