The COBIA are here!! We have had an incredible week with these awesome fish!!  Thank you so much to all our groups… so much fun!!


The cobia fishing has been phenomenal so far with several days catching and releasing dozens after we get our limit… we are part of the North Carolina tagging program which provides information as to what our Cobia population is doing – this gives us a great opportunity to see multiple fish up close while contributing to their continued well being.  We still have a few days left open the last 2 weeks of June but they are filling fast…. Give us a call if you have any interest before these fish move north!


Happy 4th of July!!

It’s hard to believe we are already moving into July… so far the summer has been fantastic and the fishing incredible!  Tuna, Dolphin, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Sea Bass and more… Thank you so much to all of our groups and a huge bucket of appreciation to Jim, Tom, Kelly, Dave, and all the crew getting us through an unexpected quick haul out – you guys are amazing and we would be lost without you… You have no idea how much we appreciate you! Thank you  🙂


Give us a call – it’s time to go fishing!!


Beautiful Weather and Beautiful Fishing!

From Cobia to Dolphin to Spanish Mackerel to Tilefish and more…. this week’s theme has been variety!!  Our Cobia are the main target this time of year but who can resist chasing the rest?!?!  🙂  We have already had tons of great trips with awesome anglers – thank you so much to all our seasoned salts and to our new group too (Go Duke!)  Great job everybody!  Let’s go fishing!


August 2015

Crazy that August is already here!!  Our dolphin (Mahi Mahi) fishing has been unreal the end of July/first of August… It’s just not suppose to happen on short day trips but our 1/2’s and 3/4’s are getting into action that normally you have to run 30 miles offshore to get.  We are so thankful when Neptune helps us out a bit and sends that warm Gulf Stream water close enough for us to get our hands (and hooks!) on these wonderful fish!  Thank you so much to all our groups!!  Friday afternoon (the 8th) just opened up if anyone is interested and we have a few spots available next week – Give us a call…Let’s go fishing!!

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Giant red drum..they are awesome to see for sure..citation sized ones as well…


Back to the Cobia

It was rough today to say the least.Glenn joined us again and we were after the cobias. After 4 hours of rolling around and pulling a couple of fish off we found the freight and had an awesome afternoon to end the day.With just one angler Casey Russell even got in on the action and I made a special guest appearance and took the pressure of him for a change. Great job and congrats Glenn on your citations and fishing. 

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Red Drum

I didn’t push post evidently but you know how much fun we always have…Fat red drum on spin tackle ..Cant wait to see you guys tomorrow. .Beautiful old fish… Thanks Katie and crew!

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Dolphin and Sailfish

After the storm..We had a pretty catch gaffers baffers and bailers and we released a sailfish.We got in early and enjoyed a beautiful day and drinks to the tiki bar.Thanks as always Paul.

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Cobia and Mackerel June 12

CJ with his first cobra tipping the scales at 67 pound we caught another 5 fish and let them swim for another day excellent Spanish fishing to go along with the other action.Thank you Scott..


Offshore June 3

My family joined us today..We had a great time. Always so good to have family support..We had a nice catch of dolphins and got hit by the bigeyes late in the day hooking 4 and catching one..We also had a really nice blue marlin on for Scott that chafed line after an impressive show.Will get him next time.Thanks guys..See you next year..