Hurricane Irene…bye bye :)

The Fistful boat is thankfully safe and sound… as are many of our fellow charter fleet friends.  We are all fortunate to have dodged a big bullet with this one… hurricanes are part of life on the water but never a welcomed part and always nerve racking!  The last several days have been filled with preparation for the storm, hauling out, getting ready, plus lots of nail biting followed by a huge sigh of relief and now putting all the pieces back together.  We are close to getting back in the water – tons of clean up and debris removal out of the canals and creeks that feed into the boat yards are part of the deal and a big thank you to everyone that has been and is working so hard to keep our livelihood afloat.  The marine industry is a very  important part of the Outer Banks and we are thankful to be a part of such a fantastic group of people… hard working and always with a positive attitude!  Our thoughts are with our neighbors that suffered alot more damage than we did and we are all fortunate that this thing didn’t do what it was forecasted to do.  The charter boats will be back in full swing in the next day or two… fishing is always awesome after these storms so don’t hesitate to get back out there!  We will be up and running as soon as the creek is clear to get out… give us a call and take a break from the crazy aftermath – let’s go fishing!

Thanks everybody for keeping her safe 🙂

The line up... ready to get back in the water 🙂