Outer Banks Catch

Outer Banks Catch! This entire hook and line caught North Carolina fresh fish went to Kelly’s Restaurant on the Outer Banks. Thank you so much Mike for all your support… you keep local fisherman in business even when we don’t have charters and you are a model for others to follow by providing your customers with true, fresh, wild caught North Carolina seafood! This is what the Fistful does when we are not charter fishing… thanks to everybody that supports “Outer Banks Catch”!

Tuna Tuna Tuna!: Oregon Inlet NC

Pretty work Paco! You’re not so rusty with the gaff after all! 🙂 And don’t forget the box full of dolphin not in the picture… Thanks for a great day and all the hard work!

Dolphin Day: Hatteras NC

Peggy… you guys get the trophy for toughing out a not-so-pretty day to bring home dinner. A definite adventure start to finish… thank you so much for a wonderful day! Patrick… I can’t believe you are so grown up wow… I know your mom is proud of you 🙂 Good luck at UNC Katie! It was so nice meeting the rest of you guys – hope to see you back later in the year!… and peg – this was GREAT practice for rock season!! 🙂 Thanks again!

Mackeral: Oregon Inlet NC

Never a dull moment with this crowd! Lots of blues and a handful of Spanish and a ton of fun… thanks for a great trip guys!

Inshore Fishing: Hatteras NC

A beautiful day inshore fishing with the O’donnell family from Ohio! Plenty of Bluefish and Spanish Mackeral plus a fun group makes for a wonderful day… lots of thanks to Mike, Emily, Sarah, Brandan, Nate, and Jack for a fantastic trip! Hope to see you back in Hatteras next summer!

Tough Dolphin Day: Hatteras NC

Total washout! We managed to scrape out a few dolphin despite awful weather and nasty sea conditions. Great job guys (and Donna!) for being so tough and working so hard for this catch!

Marlin and Dolphin: Hatteras NC

What an amazing day! Thanks so much to Dave, Tom, John, and Eddie for a great day on the water. The gang had the box full of dolphin when a nice blue one showed up at the back of the boat to swallow a dink bait on a TLD 30 with 50 pound test… John wrestled her for 2 1/2 hours before the release! Can’t wait til you guys come back!

Rockfish 2010: Oregon Inlet NC

Quinton, Greg, Paco… always a trip 🙂 Thank you so much for a great day! Nice limit of Rock!