Mackeral: Oregon Inlet NC

Never a dull moment with this crowd! Lots of blues and a handful of Spanish and a ton of fun… thanks for a great trip guys!

Inshore Fishing: Hatteras NC

A beautiful day inshore fishing with the O’donnell family from Ohio! Plenty of Bluefish and Spanish Mackeral plus a fun group makes for a wonderful day… lots of thanks to Mike, Emily, Sarah, Brandan, Nate, and Jack for a fantastic trip! Hope to see you back in Hatteras next summer!

Tough Dolphin Day: Hatteras NC

Total washout! We managed to scrape out a few dolphin despite awful weather and nasty sea conditions. Great job guys (and Donna!) for being so tough and working so hard for this catch!

Marlin and Dolphin: Hatteras NC

What an amazing day! Thanks so much to Dave, Tom, John, and Eddie for a great day on the water. The gang had the box full of dolphin when a nice blue one showed up at the back of the boat to swallow a dink bait on a TLD 30 with 50 pound test… John wrestled her for 2 1/2 hours before the release! Can’t wait til you guys come back!

Rockfish 2010: Oregon Inlet NC

Quinton, Greg, Paco… always a trip 🙂 Thank you so much for a great day! Nice limit of Rock!