Catching up

The White Marlin Bite continues to be off the hook!!  We were able to slip out and join the offshore boats last week to get into the action before it all comes to an end for the season… we are always so thankful to be able to get out there on the rare occasion of a “day off”!  The “double header” was the excitement for that day with Karl maneuvering the Fistful around to help the girls land both fish… we had one off the stern and one off the bow and what a dance it was!  Don’t know how he does it… 🙂  Congratulations to Lexi on her first ever white marlin!!  Back to the nearshore action for the last several days… the Mackerel and Bluefish have been biting well outside the inlet and the Cobia are still around!  We’ve had a few trips that stayed inside and had great action on Spot, Flounder, Sea Mullet, and more!!  Fall is in the air… it’s a great time to go fishing!!