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Afternoon half day..There weren’t many bites around so we went out and looked for something different.we found a change with some life on it..We came across a place of fish and hooked 4 catching 2 out of a nice pack for our first time anglers..then we hooked a single and pulled him off.Finally ended the […]


We had a great crew this afternoon .We found a change holding some cobia and caught 5 with two keepers respectively 37 and 34..thanks Jeana Godwin Cowan and everybody. …

Back to the Cobia

It was rough today to say the least.Glenn joined us again and we were after the cobias. After 4 hours of rolling around and pulling a couple of fish off we found the freight and had an awesome afternoon to end the day.With just one angler Casey Russell even got in on the action and I made […]

Thank you!

Great pics! Thanks again to the Davis family for fishing with us… it’s so nice to keep the kids on the water – good for everyone! Hope to see you all again soon!

Dolphin July 12

We got a late start this morning departing around 7.we found some scattered grass and picked away at the dolphins. .We had one fat one that had a bailer size dolphin down his throat when we caught him.Pretty cool. Thanks as always guys.

Red Drum

I didn’t push post evidently but you know how much fun we always have…Fat red drum on spin tackle ..Cant wait to see you guys tomorrow. .Beautiful old fish… Thanks Katie and crew!