It’s officially Fall!!

Our hot summer months have slipped into cool Fall mornings, crisp Carolina blue skies, and continued awesome fishing!  The weather kept the Fistful at the dock several days the last month (definitely a sign of fall!) but that just gave us a good excuse to get some work done on our renovation projects for the lodge (Thank you Brandon and KB for all the help!!) and slip out for some of the BIG Red Drum!! (Pretty work E and Congratulations to Chip and the boys!!!!!)  As October approaches we look forward to more consistency from mother nature and are already seeing our tuna show!  This is also the time of year we begin our transition into waterfowl season… Geese and Teal for September with Duck Season soon to follow!  A bittersweet time… we hate to stable the Fistful but are so excited for the next season!!!  We will be fishing through much of October and have some days open for anyone looking to get out there!… The Blackfin tuna are here and the Yellowfin are typically close behind.  Give us a call!!


Fall Tuna

No hunting in NC on Sunday… so what else should you do but GO FISHING!!  We had a great crowd today… Ron, Donna, and family…. Thank you so much!!  These guys (and gals!) put in a full day’s work to bring home dinner today… the bite was an am event and they did a fantastic job getting these fish to the boat… don’t forget the heart-breakers right at the transom, a couple of heavy bites hit and gone, and two sneaky fast yellowfins that criss-crossed to break the lines!! It was wonderful to meet you all and looking forward to next time!!!  Great job and have a safe trip home! 🙂 (Donna… Let us know how the whales and hot-air balloons go!!! )