Latest Update…July 21

The past week has been full of NEARSHORE trips… plenty of action and lots of fun for everyone!  The weather kept the Fistful boat at the dock for a few days which allowed for continued work prepping for the fast approaching waterfowl season…It seems to arrive earlier every year!  The latest project is getting our 18 pond duck farm ready for the migrating flocks… we are already looking forward to this year’s arrival and can’t wait to see everyone again!  In the meantime – fishing continues non-stop… summertime is always a blast with all our groups… A huge thank you to everybody!!

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  1. old dog , and huntmaster,
    old dog , and huntmaster, says:

    Huntmaster (Marshall) and I are looking forward to the “hunt” he got for Stella doing the closing deal on the farm house-
    The new Duck farm should be a good place for us to go – Should be a BLAST – or two-
    I need to settle up w/ you on the Fishing tackle-

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