You never know what you are going to get into when you go Offshore fishing but right now it is TUNA!!! The Yellowfin Tuna fishing has been phenomenal, even a few Bigeye’s mixed in. These are the days that get talked about for a lifetime!!! Limits in the morning and back at the dock in time for everyone to enjoy the afternoon reminiscing about all the action!! And don’t forget the dolphin (Mahi Mahi)… they are taking second chair to the Tuna right now but they are showing up as well!  A huge Thank You to all our groups that have kicked off the season with tons of fun and amazing fishing!!! (Plus a special shout out to all the guys and ladies for the latest tournament shenanigans… First place overall in the TUNA tournament (fished only 1 day out of 3… you go Mike and the gang!!) and 3rd overall in the COBIA tourny (fished 2 days out of 3… Team W ROCKS!!!). Thanks everyone…. you all are awesome!!  LET’S GO FISHING!!!!!