TURKEY SEASON Cast and Blast

We operate FISTFUL sportfishing under the name ALBEMARLE OUTFITTERS..As a full service outfitter we offer it all and spend every day outside on the water or in the woods…For those of you who do not know, Karl is a very accomplished caller and has 4 state championship duck calling contests to prove it as well as 30 plus other turkey , swan and goose calling contests.He took his first paying party of hunters at the ripe age of 15..His first hunters then I am proud to say are still hunting and fishing with him now…With turkey season quickly aproaching we have very limted days available to hunt..Just wanted to let everyone know that we do have 4 two day hunts left.We only do a maximum of 14 turkey hunts to assure we give you the best chance for your spring gobbler.WE DONT PUT YOU IN A GROUND BLIND AND MAKE YOU SIT AROUND FOR A TURKEY.We go to them and call them in like its suppost to be done either off the tree or by locating and pursuit..The cast and blast deal covers your hunting in the morning and light tackle rockfishing in the afternoon on the Albemarle sound..Max 2 hunters per trip and a two day minimum.