2014 Summer Fishing Season is fast approaching!

A little reminiscing from last year’s (2013) COBIA bite… just a reminder of one of many incredible fisheries we have here on the Outer Banks.  We are headed to Hatteras for a few weeks next month (May) to kick off the season then back to Manteo for the summer… Give us a call – Let’s go fishing!

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Spring Haul Out

Another sure sign of spring…. time in the yard!!  The Fistful is up and the boys are hard at work prepping for the fast approaching Summer season.  A fresh coat of bottom paint, barrels of elbow grease, lots of love and tons of wax 🙂  We’ll spend a couple of weeks again in Hatteras this year beginning May 12th – Days are filling fast so anyone interested in fishing out of Hatteras please let us know as soon as possible!

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First Billfish of the year 2013

First billfish of the year..A white marlin..Had a blue one hooked for a bit but he was on the wrong pole..Ended up with a nice catch of gaffer dolphin and some pretty yellowin tuna..Happy to be fishing..

June 20 Fullday

What a great day we had.Quenton my homeboy from gates county was on the boat today.Quenton always seems to getem when he comes with us..Thank you for all the support..We ended up with a great catch of gaffers baffers and bailers along with a 40 lb wahoo and our first billfish of the year.A cool surprise a HATCHET marlin which is easly mistaken for a white marlin..Glad for the beatiful weather and great fishing in our range..




SEPTEMBER 15TH full day nearshore

We had Kevin , Kim , Greg , Michael , Travis , and Charlie on the boat with us today.We set out just outside the 20 mile mark and worked down a sulfur line with some pretty places of grass in it..Never found a load of dolphins to bail but did have constant trolling bites all day.Several nice gaffers , baffers , and bailers made up our dolphin catch.We were struck by the albacores several times as well and they are a great fight on small 20 lb class outfits..Beautiful weather and great people allways make for an increadable day..Thank you guys so much for the day of fishing.

July 16th

The bluefish continue to dominate the nearshore waters surrounding the inlet for our half days..Multiple fish on at the time are common problems and lots of action for all of our anglers..What they lack in size they make up for in  rod bending action which is great for kids of all ages..A half day is about getting out on the water, enjoying the beauty of the ocean and the outer banks..Its not about catching blue marlins , tunas , and mahi.Its about good times with friends and family..Thats what we like to see..

July 2nd

Great nearshore action continues up and down the beach..Bluefish and spanish mackeral make up most of the catches with a drum here and there and an occasional cobia and shark appearance.Great family fun and its super easy to enjoy..Here are a few more drum pics.

Q and crew last trip in Hatteras 2011

We set out exactly where we left from the day before..When we arrived a condition had formed up in a little bit shallower water than the blank water we would have been fishing the day before..We fished around for several hours until noon picking at the gaffers..The word on the radio was grim and we had one of the better catches of the fleet..So I gave my crew the option to go inshore and catch some spanish and look for a cobia..My boys here like bent poles so off we went..On the way in in 4 fathoms we saw a sailfish..Ran him right over.Pretty cool.Got to the hook and there where acres of spanish..We made quick work of a limit and they where classy fish..Arriving to the dock we made the right call.

Purinai and company

We set out directly on the fish this day in 15 fathoms..The sea conditions were not perfect and we found ourselves back at the dock this day by 11 am..Three of the four guys were under the weather.We did have a good catch in just about an hour of fishing with a dozen dolphin and a couple of albacores and a blackfin…Dinkys is good for that…Thank you guys and look forward to seeing you soon.

May 20th Hatteras report

We had a good bunch of guys along with us today..The day started on a blue green change running west to east in 20 fathoms..I fished up into a pretty good head sea in the morning away from more than 30 other boats taking the down sea path..Shortly after setting out we got covered up by the gaffer dolphin and it would remain that way all day until the box was full.We ended up with a great cath of bigger gaffers and 2 king mackeral..Glad everyone had a great day and will see you soon..