Summer fishing is fantastic!

As we roll on with our summer season the fishing continues to be so exciting! The king mackerel have shown up, the big red drum are here, our amberjacks are still super spunky and the dolphin are moving in!  Don’t forget about the Spanish and Blues – smaller fish and so much action and fun! (not to mention delicious!)  Several of our local youngsters (including our little angler) participated in the annual Pirate’s Cove Small Fry tournament (Thank you Troy for taking the gang and Awesome work Nikki for a fantastic turn out!) and caught Spanish, Blues, Croaker, Spot, Spade fish, and more…  keeping the kids into it is so important and we are very proud to be part of a community that supports our industry and our passion.  We have some openings left next week for a few 4 hour trips and (1) 6 hour trip – give us a call… let’s go fishing!

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Happy 4th!

Unbelievable that it is already July!  A great time to stop and remember what a privilege it is to live in a free country and appreciate all the sacrifices that so many have made and continue to make in order to make what we do possible.  The summer is in full swing and the fishing continues to be awesome – fantastic variety!  Our weather was a little sporty for a couple of days but that didn’t slow anything down – dolphin, jacks, mackerel , blues, triggers, cobia, a barracuda, a sail, and more… Thank you so much to all our groups – you make our days!

** Just a quick scheduling note – we have been filling up quickly…please call or email as soon as you can to save a day if you are interested in getting out there – thank you! **

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Tons of Fish and tons of fun!

As we roll through June our fishing here on the Outer Banks continues to be super hot and crazy fun!  Mackeral, Blues, Amberjack, Cobia, Dolphin, Sharks, Triggers, and more!!… we are so thankful for great fish and even better folks!!  Thank you so much to everyone!!

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Awesome fishing continues

The fishing continues to be amazing!  Multiple species and fantastic groups… always a ton of fun – thank you so much to everyone!!  ** One quick scheduling update – JUNE 15th and 17th just came available this week coming up – if you are interested please let us know asap! (Karl 252-395-1907 or Kathy 252-455-1595) **  Thanks again to all our groups and we are looking forward to seeing you again soon.

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More August 2015

I know I sound like a broken record but WOW!  The remainder of August was filled with amazing fishingunbelievable weather… and group after group of awesome people!!  We appreciate everyone so much… you make our trips great and we hope to see everyone again soon!  We are kicking off September with more of the same… We will be fishing until the 18th then it will officially be time for the birds.  Please let us know asap if anyone is interested in getting in on the amazing action before we change gears… we have a few scattered spots available but they are filling fast 🙂

Thanks again everybody!!


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August 2015

Crazy that August is already here!!  Our dolphin (Mahi Mahi) fishing has been unreal the end of July/first of August… It’s just not suppose to happen on short day trips but our 1/2’s and 3/4’s are getting into action that normally you have to run 30 miles offshore to get.  We are so thankful when Neptune helps us out a bit and sends that warm Gulf Stream water close enough for us to get our hands (and hooks!) on these wonderful fish!  Thank you so much to all our groups!!  Friday afternoon (the 8th) just opened up if anyone is interested and we have a few spots available next week – Give us a call…Let’s go fishing!!

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Dolphin and Sailfish

After the storm..We had a pretty catch gaffers baffers and bailers and we released a sailfish.We got in early and enjoyed a beautiful day and drinks to the tiki bar.Thanks as always Paul.

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Offshore June 3

My family joined us today..We had a great time. Always so good to have family support..We had a nice catch of dolphins and got hit by the bigeyes late in the day hooking 4 and catching one..We also had a really nice blue marlin on for Scott that chafed line after an impressive show.Will get him next time.Thanks guys..See you next year..


Double header Cobia/Dolphin

Always a blast and never a dull moment with G! 2 days were on the book – one for cobia and one to head out for dolphin – Plenty of meat is headed back inland!! Thank you so much Gib… we can’t wait to see you again! 🙂

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Marlin and Dolphin!

Had the Corbo boys with us again today as well as Tony Corbos girlfriend..She’s never been fishing before today..Pretty good first fish for her catching a white marlin..We ended up with three whites and 3 nice dolphin.Thats a white and a dolphin for everyone..Clean fishing there folks.Thanks guys can’t wait for next time…

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