Summer is here!

Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone!  This is the official kick off to our summer season and we are so happy to be back at it!  We are in full swing after some weather days last week and the fishing has been awesome.  Our Cobia season is now open until September 30th with a 4 fish boat limit everyday (A huge thank you to a few local heroes for their enormous time and effort in fighting to stop the season closure)… the dolphin have been snapping and the Cobia are showing… we even got into a nice Spanish bite on a quickie fun family trip late one afternoon (plus the kiddo’s first nice Cobia… Thank you Casey and Louie!!).  Thanks so much to all our early groups for cranking up the season start with a ton of fun and great fish!!  June is filling fast so give us a shout… let’s go fishing 🙂

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More August 2015

I know I sound like a broken record but WOW!  The remainder of August was filled with amazing fishingunbelievable weather… and group after group of awesome people!!  We appreciate everyone so much… you make our trips great and we hope to see everyone again soon!  We are kicking off September with more of the same… We will be fishing until the 18th then it will officially be time for the birds.  Please let us know asap if anyone is interested in getting in on the amazing action before we change gears… we have a few scattered spots available but they are filling fast 🙂

Thanks again everybody!!


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Dolphin and Sailfish

After the storm..We had a pretty catch gaffers baffers and bailers and we released a sailfish.We got in early and enjoyed a beautiful day and drinks to the tiki bar.Thanks as always Paul.

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Offshore June 3

My family joined us today..We had a great time. Always so good to have family support..We had a nice catch of dolphins and got hit by the bigeyes late in the day hooking 4 and catching one..We also had a really nice blue marlin on for Scott that chafed line after an impressive show.Will get him next time.Thanks guys..See you next year..


Fistful bringing one in the boat

A rare opportunity to snap a picture from another perspective!  Casey and Karl at work bringing another one in the boat! Let’s go fishing!!!


Cobia continues!

A huge congratulations to James and Linda – What a catch!!!!   First time out for Cobia and they bring in 2 studs… 81 and 73 pounds!  The 81 pounder was 63 inches long – and going on the wall!  Plus houndfish, albacore, bonita, King Mackeral bite, saw a sail, turtles, dolphin, oh my!  It was wonderful to see you guys again – Can’t wait til September!!

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Double header Cobia/Dolphin

Always a blast and never a dull moment with G! 2 days were on the book – one for cobia and one to head out for dolphin – Plenty of meat is headed back inland!! Thank you so much Gib… we can’t wait to see you again! 🙂

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Ducks and Fish :)

Just a quick update… we are neck deep in duck season so pictures will be a bit scarce until the end of January 🙂  A big thank you to everyone so far and the best is yet to come!!  We can’t wait to see everyone this season!!  We did manage to sneak out for an offshore trip on Sunday… teaming up with Rigged Up and getting into the wahoo and tiles!  Great job to Martin and Chris… a bit sporty out there but well worth all the effort – Pretty Work guys!!  Thank you Charles..Awesome Trip!!!

Marlin Mania :)

We had the rare opportunity to get to spend the day with one of our most special friends….Thank you so much Charles!!!  Karl and I don’t get much chance to actually fish with each other these days… We don’t know how to act being back in the cockpit together!  One of the best days ever 🙂  10 Whites!!!  With unbelievable weather and sea conditions and incredible company… there is nothing that would have made this day any better.  The marlin are still here… Now is the time to go if catching one of these marvelous creatures is on your list!!

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Mahi Mahi and Jacks

Had a great day today catching Amber Jack’s on top water plugs…The explosion is the best part of the bite….We also had a catch of mahi mahi and one gaffer from under a dive boat ha..Pretty cool thanks guys..