Tuna, Dolphin, and Bills Oh My!!!

Summer fishing continues to be HOT!!  A few weather days and the boys are back at it again… Great groups and great fishing are the best combination!!!  Our Boat Builder’s Tournament Team had to change plans at the last minute which has suddenly opened us up several days this week – Give us a call if anyone is interested… an awesome opportunity to slide in on some great fishing!!!

Happy 4th and Happy Fishing!!!!

Summer is rolling into July with our classic mid summer menu of anything goes!  The TUNA are still around… the DOLPHIN (MAHI MAHI) are here… the BILLFISH (BLUE MARLIN and SAILS with a handful of WHITE MARLIN) are making their entrance as well plus yummy TILES and MORE!!!  Every day is different and always tons of fun!!  A few days off for weather (pop up Tropical Storm… only on the OBX lol!) and an awesome day of beach and boat fun with Family and Friends to pause for a minute to celebrate and appreciate those around us and the country we live in 🙂 Happy 4th everybody!!  We have some scattered days still open in July… give us a shout if you have a day in mind and LET’S GO FISHING!!!


Yay TUNA and Yay Summer FISHING!!!

The Yellowfin TUNA have continued to be the headlines for the last 2 weeks!  Awesome fishing and phenomenal groups… we can’t say THANK YOU!!!! enough to all of our anglers… our clients are our dear friends and being able to spend time with such wonderful people year after year brings us so much joy – you are the reason this crazy lifestyle is so rewarding.  When there are (then little!!) youngsters standing on the dock with a fishing pole catching fish in your slip waiting for you to get in so they can negotiate the logistics of booking a trip – all for the ability to go back and convince Dad to reserve a day – and then to have the opportunity to reconnect with these now incredible young men (and their friends!) every summer (and yes… Dad still gets to tag along lol)… is an experience hard to put into words.   Not to mention all of our grown ups (all eternal kids at heart…) and our newbies (we hope we did our job and got you addicted to this insanity)!!!  Fishing is the perfect excuse to all get together 🙂 Going through life with people that are so dear to us is one of the greatest gifts… Thank you everybody!!!  We have some days still open starting July 5… Give us a call – TIME TO GO FISHING!!!

June Fishing at it’s Best!!

Summer is in full swing and the last 10 days have been AWESOME!!!  The TUNA bite continues to be off the hook and our pals the DOLPHIN (MAHI MAHI) have arrived as well!  Phenomenal groups with tons of action, loads of fun, and great angling by our guys and gals and a special shout out to our YOUTH ANGLERS!!  You guys ROCK!!!  Those tuna are a work out!!!!  The schedule is continuing to fill up fairly quickly – please get on the books and save your date asap.  Let’s go FISHING!!!!


You never know what you are going to get into when you go Offshore fishing but right now it is TUNA!!! The Yellowfin Tuna fishing has been phenomenal, even a few Bigeye’s mixed in. These are the days that get talked about for a lifetime!!! Limits in the morning and back at the dock in time for everyone to enjoy the afternoon reminiscing about all the action!! And don’t forget the dolphin (Mahi Mahi)… they are taking second chair to the Tuna right now but they are showing up as well!  A huge Thank You to all our groups that have kicked off the season with tons of fun and amazing fishing!!! (Plus a special shout out to all the guys and ladies for the latest tournament shenanigans… First place overall in the TUNA tournament (fished only 1 day out of 3… you go Mike and the gang!!) and 3rd overall in the COBIA tourny (fished 2 days out of 3… Team W ROCKS!!!). Thanks everyone…. you all are awesome!!  LET’S GO FISHING!!!!!

Quick update and now It’s Time to FISH!!

Spring has been busy and tons of fun!  A huge thank you to all our Spring Turkey hunters!! (Sorry for the lack of pics… the boss has them all 🙂  The first wave of crops are in the ground in prep for Duck Season and the Fistful got a quickie spring spruce up in prep for Fishing Season!!  Our first trip is in the books and the boys found the Mahi to kick of the Summer… Pretty work guys!!  We had June 11 open up if anyone is interested and we have several days available starting June 29 – Trips have been filling fast so please give us a shout if you are ready to get on the schedule.  Time to Go Fishing!!!!!


Time for Ducks!

A huge Thank You to all of our charters this season… you guys/gals/and youngsters ROCK!!  What an awesome summer with tons of fantastic folks… thank you all!!  We wrapped up the last few days with yummy Mahi and now this is the time of year the FISTFUL gets a rest as we turn our attention to the birds.  Busy building, bushing, scouting, and prepping for our winter gang.  We will be back in the ocean mid-May… looking forward to seeing everyone in the Spring!!

Fall Outer Banks Fishing!

Late summer/early fall is always an awesome time to fish on the Outer Banks!!  Our Tuna have stuck around and our dolphin are here too – not to mention the billfish bite!!  We are winding our season up the first week of October this year – we have a few dates left open on the final week and then we are on to the birds!  What a fantastic fishing season it has been so far… thank you so much to everyone!!!

Summer Catch Up!

Apologies to all for the lack of posts…. it has been a busy few weeks!!  We have had so many awesome groups and tons of fun!!  A HUGE HUGE thank you to our PCBT Team with a special shout out to our Alice Kelly Girls!!!  You gals rock!!  The girls placed first in the Boat Decorating Contest and weighed in the 2nd and 3rd place tuna!!  The boys had a fantastic showing during the main tournament finishing up 15th in a field of over 100 of the world’s best fisherman and boats – Way to go guys!!!!  The rest of the offshore days have been full of TUNA, DOLPHIN (MAHI MAHI), TILEFISH, BILLFISH, and even a quickie tower stop to visit our old friends the AJs!  Thank you again to all of our anglers!!!  You are what makes what we do so special!!!  We will be fishing a little deeper into the season this year before we make the jump to the birds… our last trips are scheduled for the beginning of October.  We still have a few days open so please get your day if you are ready to get out there… LET’S GO FISHING!!


Fantastic Outer Banks Summer Fishing!

Summer rolls on with AWESOME GROUPS and AWESOME FISHING!!!  A huge thank you to all our groups the last couple of weeks… you guys and gals are always tons of fun!!  Fishing has been off the hook with DOLPHIN (MAHI MAHI), TUNA, MARLIN, TILES, and more!!  Don’t miss out and get on the books – we still have some open days in August but they are going fast! Let’s go fishing!!!